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Malaysian Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Consulate General of Malaysia, Jeddah was established on 5th September 1985. The Consulate office was originally located at the Al-Ruwais District, Jeddah and in May 1992 moved to the present location at Lot 241, Al-Mualiffin Street, Al-Rehab District, Jeddah 21421, KSA.

The Consulate has the strength of 8 home based staff headed by the Consul General and supported by 15 local staffs. There are 4 other agencies established in Jeddah, 2 within the Consulate compound and 2 within the commercial centre in Jeddah.

Other agencies in Jeddah are Tourism and Higher Education situated in the Consulate; MATRADE and Tabung Haji within the commercial centre in Jeddah. Higher Education office closed down in June 2009.

Malaysian in Jeddah and Western Region may renew their passports through the Consulate General Office.


Applicants are advised to submit their applicants well ahead of time e.g. 6 months before the passport expires. For renewal of Malaysian Passport, kindly contact the Consulate General Office for further details. 

Requirements for passport renewal are as follows:

• An application form (IM.42-Pin.1/97) – can be downloaded at; (Must printed in A4 size paper on both side)
• Malaysian International Passport (original and 2 photocopies of the main page and residence permit)
• Birth Certificate (original and 2 photocopies) - for Malaysians under the age of 12
• Identity Card (original and 2 photocopies)
• 2 coloured photographs, size 3.5 cm x 5.0 cm
• Fee: RM300 for 48 pages and RM600 for 64 pages. The validity of the passport would be 5 years.
• For applicants below 12 years old and overseas students below 21 years old, passport fee is RM150.00

Fees to be paid in Saudi riyal equivalent, Kindly email or call the Consulate General Office for the exact amount of the fee.

Processing done by Passport Section, Immigration Malaysia Headquarters, Putrajaya. Due to limitation and the schedule of diplomatic pouch, the whole process will take approximately between 3 to 4 months. As the Consulate General Office will not be able to determine exactly the date when the passport is ready, applicant is advised to kindly wait for the information.

Malaysian Consulate in Guangzhou Location Map
Malaysian Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Lot 241, Al-Mualiffin Street
Al Rehab District
P.O Box 593
Jeddah 21421
Saudi Arabia

Tel : 00966 2 672 7740 / 672 8019
Fax: 00966 2 676 0877


Office Hours : Saturday - Thursday 8.00 am - 3.00 pm

Lost of Travel Documents / Passport Abroad

Report the loss at the nearest Police Station and submit the report to the nearest Malaysian Mission.

Documents required to be submitted are as follows:

◦ A copy of the police report
◦ Other documents that can be used as proof of citizenship as such MyKad, Driving License,
Birth certificate & etc.

An Emergency Certificate will be issued by the Mission which would enable the person to travel home to Malaysia (one way trip).

Emergency Certificate

Requirements for the Emergency Certificate are as follows:

• Form (IM.42C) + Borang Permohonan Perakuan Cemas (IM.41) (Available at the Consulate)
• Original Police Report.
• 2 recent coloured photos (3.5 cm x 5.0 cm);
• Identity card;
• Birth certificate (if any);
• Evidence of RETURN air ticket to Malaysia
• Emergency Certificate fee of RM50.00

Other Services

The Consulate also offers the following services and provides assistance in following cases:

• Registration of absent voters for qualified Malaysians in Saudi Arabia;
• Serving judicial documents to defendants in Malaysia or in Saudi Arabia;
• Obtaining diplomatic clearance for Malaysian aircrafts flying over or landing in the Saudi Arabia territory;
• Locating missing Malaysians in Saudi Arabia;
• Arrest of Malaysians in Saudi Arabia;
• Death of Malaysians in Saudi Arabia; and
• Emergency situation such as riot, flood, earthquake etc.

Notice to Malaysian

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia encourages all Malaysian travelers to register with their local Embassy or Consulate when arriving in a foreign country. Registration helps the Embassy to provide important services for Malaysian residing or traveling abroad.

Some of these services include:

* Locating individuals in cases of family or personal emergencies,
* Relaying important travel and safety information about the region,
* Arranging evacuation transportation in cases of natural disaster or civil unrest,
* Issuing replacement passports when originals are lost, and
* A number of other administrative services relating to personal documentation.

Without the information provided through registration, the Embassy is severely hindered in its ability to provide these services. Many of these services involve emergency situations and time constraints, therefore failure to register will almost certainly lead to delays at moments when you can least afford them.


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